Paseva Textil SL, pioneer in textile development company, is present in the home since the 1960s. We develop products designed to satisfy the needs and desires of its customers.

Today, we offer a wide range of textile products for the home (bedspreads, mantelerías, flannel sheets - cotton and thermal protective mattress, mattress and pillow covers, as well as stretchers and curtains) being a mark of great prestige in the Spanish market and European


From our origins in the 1960s, the taste to create an attractive and durable product has turned us into a company that has been able to acclimate to the times offering to its clients a wide range of products according to their needs.

All products are made with the best available in the market today raw and all our dedication.

Why we want to thank all those who make it possible that Paseva Textil keeps working to meet current and future consumers.

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Mapa de localizacion de Paseva Textil.

Carrer de Degà Miquel Julià, 5
03802 Alcoy, Alicante
tel: 96 533 02 29
fax: 96 552 22 62